Tips for Constructing Greenhouses

Nitzan Izikson – Azrom Representative in the Arava.

Purchasing the appropriate greenhouse is a very important stage, but this is only the beginning of the story. Constructing the greenhouse is the complex stage and proper construction will enable effective and efficient use of the greenhouse.

The following tips are recommended for your consideration:

  • After purchasing the greenhouse, prepare a work plan that outlines as many details as possible.
  • The following should be included in the overall construction plan: the date of delivery, the precise location of the work site, the number of workers that are available, a list of the construction tools and equipment, external suppliers and other contacts. The more detailed the work plan, the more you can save on work hours and ensure an effective and efficient construction process.
  • It is highly recommended to prepare a comfortable and shaded work site for assembling the components that can be prepared in advance, prior to the final stages of the on-site construction.
  • It is highly recommended to organize all of the greenhouse components, together with an Azrom representative, in order to become familiar with each of the parts and where they belong on the structure.
  • While working on a certain task, begin to plan the next one and sakarya escort bayan
    prepare all of the parts and tools required for its implementation.
  • Special attention should be given to the supplementary systems, such as ventilation systems, air circulators, sulfur dispensers, humid pads, electrically operated curtains, thermal screens, heating systems and the like, prior to their installation, in order to verify that all parts and accessories are in order.
  • It is highly recommended to consult with and receive assistance from Azrom professionals who have agricultural know-how and experience from years of successful agricultural projects around the world.
  • Consider employing the services of professional and experienced personnel for certain tasks (such as pouring the foundations). Remember that: “The more experienced person is the wiser one.”
  • Azrom is currently one of the world’s leading companies for the production of greenhouses.
  • Every project, anywhere in the world, sakarya escort
    the proper, individual consideration, combining: local characteristics, design and planning, agronomic consultation, examination of growing conditions, construction and the planning of supplementary units and systems, including electricity, water, heating, trellising, climate control and fertilization. Only an overall, comprehensive solution, be it simple or complex, is the perfect response.

The company’s quality control policy focuses on the supply of qualitative products for long term client use under difficult and challenging field conditions.

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