Whole Solution

Our comprehensive solution at Azrom leads you, the client, from the initial conceptual planning stage to the establishment of a key project:

  1. Feasibility Test – Preliminary economic assessment to evaluate the investment’s viability.
  2. Analysis of Current Conditions – Examination of soil and water quality, water source availability, climate, access routes, communications, drainage, topography, and hazards.
  3. Solution Planning – Customization of the suitable greenhouse model for the climatic conditions. Design of the systems needed to create a microclimate for the required type of cultivation.
  4. Manufacturing and Delivery – Detailed planning for all parts required for project setup and shipping them to the project site, packaged in containers.
  5. Infrastructure – Preparing the project site in advance of its establishment, according to the size of the greenhouses, their number, and the required slopes.
  6. Project Establishment – Planning the setup, lists of tools, machinery, workers, and materials. Supervising the construction and organizing work teams for building the project.
  7. Training and Qualification – Transferring the knowledge for operating and maintaining the systems to the local team.
  8. Agronomic Support – Accompanying and training the local team to cultivate in the greenhouses, using the most advanced cultivation methods provided by the systems.

Azrom is committed to professional guidance at every edge and to building a project with the best outcomes.

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