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Azrom has more than 60 years of experience in the cutting edge of agriculture innovation. Azrom provides creative solutions that enable farmers all around the globe to grow almost any crop, anywhere. The solutions of azrom incorporate the greenhouse structures, the greenhouse coverings, irrigation and fertigation systems, climate control, trellising and spray systems, light and darkness control, energy, sanitation and growing platforms.

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Lynch Group Australia

In 2017, we partnered with Azrom to design, build, and deliver greenhouses, irrigation, and heating systems for our flower farm in Yunnan. Azrom met our needs and budget with professionalism. After 2 years, we conclude: The systems exceeded our expectations, provided the highest yield and quality, and offered the best value despite the high price. We look forward to future projects with Azrom.


I chose to work with Azrom because it understands our field’s specialized needs, and our experience with them in the past has always been positive. Azrom listens, keeps our needs in mind, are always available, and I feel like I have a partner. My best experience with Azrom came during the planning stage. Azrom was open and willing to make changes to better the design and was with us from start to finish. Azrom is reliable, easy to communicate with, and their solutions are varied and personalized

Linssen Rosen B.V

Azrom always has proved itself to be a reliable and trustworthy supplier. Based on our records, we recommend Azrom to anyone who's looking for a supplier of greenhouses.