Shaping Agriculture Around the World


Azrom is a leader in the global agricultural market, and applies its experience and expertise to the design, engineering and manufacturing of greenhouses, customized per terrain, climate, crop, and customer needs, whatever they may be, wherever in the world. That is Azrom’s mark of distinction – its ability to come up with innovative and creative solutions that meet the most challenging demands.

"At Azrom, we maintain excellence and a leading position in the international market by providing agricultural solutions that combine knowhow with advanced technologies, while focusing on environmental conservation for the benefit of people and the planet."Azrom's Vision

Our Core Values


Innovation has been Azrom’s hallmark for over five decades. Our in-depth understanding of our customer’s needs and ability to think outside of the box to find creative solutions has allowed us to develop new innovations that propelled the agriculture industry forward through increased yields and profits.


Azrom’s market distinction is our ability to come up with innovative and creative solutions that meet the most challenging demands. Whatever you want to grow, we have the right solution. Do you want to grow tomatoes in -40 degrees celsius ? How about cut flowers 365 days around the year with changing weather from 40c in the summer and -10c with light snow in the winter? Or perhaps medical cannabis in a high humidity most of the year and low sun radiation 5 months of the year? Our experts can tailor-make your perfect solution.


Sustainability is a mindset and practice that is present in every decision we make at Azrom. Our goal is to help save our earth and natural resources in all of our projects and products. We design structures that optimize natural light, use environmentally friendly materials, and install systems that save energy consumption. Our greenhouses have the long-term durability to last for decades.

Cost Effective

As a family owned and operated business, we understand that cost effective solutions are important. A sustainable approach, customized solutions, and innovative systems are a cost effective combination. Our team will continue seeking cost effective technology through innovation and sustainable solutions.



The Azrom story begins in 1959 when Mr. Yitzhak Cohen began his professional career as a welder and metalworker. He then pushed the boundaries of his metalwork to cover the agricultural needs of the young country of Israel. During its first sixteen years of operation and through to 1975, Mr. Cohen's factory specialized in the manufacture of structures from chicken coops, to packing houses and cow sheds.


Azrom’s focus shifted in the 1970s to the greenhouse sector. We began designing our own greenhouses after noticing gaps in the performance of other greenhouses. Our goal was enhanced yields through research and development of the greenhouse technology. In 1979, the first export was shipped internationally, and then in 1990, Azrom established its first local distributor outside of Israel, in Kenya.

Today, Azrom is shaping agriculture around the world with thousands of projects in 70 countries. Azrom is a leader in the global agricultural market. Our distinction from other companies is our ability to come up with innovative and creative solutions that meet the most challenging demands.


Our Team

Moshe Cohen

CEO & Owner

Yuval Gerzon

Azrom China General Manager

B.s.c. Yaron Karo

Head of engineering dept.

Orly Shiri

Marketing & Sells coordinator

Zvi Porat

International Marketing & sells Manager

Meital Machfud

Purchasing and Logistics Manager

Revital Burya Levi

Financial Manager

Yuri Elkin

Sells Manager of Russia & CIS countries


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