The flower industry has become a major factor in the economy of many countries. The increase in the global standard of living has increased the global demand for flowers. Ezrum was a pioneer in the development and supply of greenhouses for growing flowers in East African countries, and in particular – Kenya and Ethiopia, which have become a major factor in the global flower market.
The increase in demand and the competition between growers increased the need to raise the quality and level of crops. A significant part of the flowers are grown during the day in detached beds and watered with disinfected water. Ezrum knows how to provide its customers with all the necessary systems to grow flowers anywhere and under any conditions.
Geopolitical changes have led to an increase in the demand for flowers in areas where until recently flowers were considered a luxury. As a result, there is now a demand to grow roses in East Africa, in ventilated greenhouses but also in cold and snowy areas, which require sealed and heated greenhouses.

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