Fruits and Vegetables

Population growth, the need to switch to a healthier diet and the strong desire to consume fresh foods have led to an increase in the demand for fruits and vegetables worldwide. The corona crisis that paralyzed the global transport systems emphasized the need to be able to produce the fruits and vegetables in geographical proximity to the designated markets. This need forces many countries to develop the ability to grow vegetables and fruits in areas where the environmental conditions are not necessarily suitable for those crops. The use of different greenhouses and growing facilities increases the ability to provide different crops with the conditions necessary for their optimal growth.
Ezrum’s greenhouses allow the use of a variety of systems that allow different and diverse conditions to be produced in the greenhouse. In hot areas, it is often necessary to maintain lower temperatures inside the growing structure than the outside environment. This requires a fan structure and cooling, ventilation and cooling systems. On the other hand, in cold areas, the building and the accompanying systems are required to produce high temperatures inside the greenhouse compared to the outside environment and to insulate the building to prevent the escape of heat from the greenhouse.
Besides the integration of the optimal solutions in each breeding facility, there is the need to adjust the solutions to the financial conditions of the project budget and the target market. This need forces Hezrum to develop a variety of solutions with varying degrees of cost.

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