Growing Organic Crops in Greenhouses, Net Houses and Tunnels

Nitzan Izikson – Azrom Representative in the Arava.

Over the past few decades, organic agriculture has reached a respectable place alongside conventional agriculture for growing vegetables such as: tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, peppers, herbs and leafy greens like lettuce and others.

The growing of organic crops is characterized by a comprehensive outlook in which each factor contributes its part to the success of the crop, with the clear understanding that error and deviation are much more difficult to correct than to prevent.

As the greenhouse is an open space and its internal conditions can be independently and continuously controlled, the grower is able to decide which organic crops to grow and to determine the growing conditions: the exposure to light, the temperature and humidity levels. We can prepare the surroundings and ensure optimal growing conditions for the organic crops, without the assistance of chemicals and the like.

In this approach, the selection of the proper type of structure and the quality of the selected structure, be it a greenhouse or a net house, are of crucial importance to a successful yield. The structure must be strong and sturdy, impermeable and reliable. These qualities serve as the basis for a successful crop.

The level of accessories and the finishing touches on the structure should be noted in great detail. Azrom’s greenhouses ensure hermetic sealing against the infiltration of various pests and harmful insects.

Due to the spring locking profiles along the circumference of the greenhouse, there is no need for wooden boards and nails. There is no need to perforate the netting as the springs connect the nets securely in place, without leaving spaces or allowing for any freedom of movement. The greenhouse is thus completely and optimally sealed.

The use of the spring locking profiles on the gutters enables the rapid and efficient replacement of both netting and polyethylene film coverings, thus minimizing the amount of time that the crops are exposed to harmful pests.

Over the years, Azrom has accumulated the knowledge and the experience required for supplying greenhouses for all types of crops, and every grower is sure to receive the best solution for his agricultural needs.

In addition, it is worthy to note that Azrom greenhouses have met the test of extreme weather conditions with great success in numerous countries throughout the world.

The quality and the reliability of Azrom products serve as your guarantee for growing successful organic crops.

Azrom is currently one of the world’s leading companies for the production of greenhouses.

Every project, anywhere in the world, receives the proper, individual consideration, combining: local characteristics, design and planning, agronomic consultation, examination of growing conditions, construction and the planning of supplementary units and systems, including electricity, water, heating, trellising, climate control and fertilization. Only an overall, comprehensive solution, be it simple or complex, is the perfect response.

The company’s quality control policy focuses on the supply of qualitative products for long term client use under difficult and challenging field conditions.

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