Water Recycling Systems

Solutions: Systems and Equipment.

Soil-less growing requires excessive irrigation to avoid the accumulation of salts in the growing media. This increases the necessity of recycling the drainage water in order to save the costs of the extra water and fertilizers. Recycling the water requires the ability to monitor and control the presence and level of nutrients and pathogens. Thus, water recycling systems include sub systems that collect, filter, disinfect and monitor the drainage water before mixing them with fresh water.

The system is suitable solely for growing crops in soil-less beds that are equipped with a drainage collection system.

The advantages of the system are clearly obvious.  It serves as the preferred system for agricultural projects financed by the public sector and for tenders due to important ecological aspects:  limited chemical usage and preventing the penetration of irrigation water into sewage systems or underground water sources.

Furthermore, customers are assured of operational savings of up to 30% on annual fertilizer costs.

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