Soil-less Beds

Solutions: Systems and Equipment.

Soil-less growing became a corner-stone of modern intensive agriculture. It enables optimal control of the conditions in the root system environment, and the recycling of the drainage water. Most of the common substrates can be disinfected, hence, can be used in more than one growing cycle. There is a variety of substrates that can be suited to a variety of growing platforms.


  • Require more complex and more intricate irrigation and control systems.
  • Require more professional operating techniques.
  • Do not allow for human error, as root base is smaller and more limited in soil-less media.

Types of Soil – less Media

  • Rockwool, Perlite, Coconut, Volcanic Cinder.
  • Available separately or combined with organic material to increase buffer.
  • Recommended for individual bags, garden beds, polypropylene and Styrofoam encasements.

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