Irrigation Boom System

Solutions: Systems and Equipment.

Watering booms made of modular aluminum profiles. Light and easy to install. Good solution for nurseries.

Machine Composition:
  • Double rail in aluminum with integrated wheels running cavity
  • Recoil system cart in steel complete with 4 vulkollan coated bearings
  • Irrigation bar pulling in steel complete with 4 vulkollan coated bearings
  • Self-driven head (motor 0,37 kW) that activates the steel cable for cart’s pulling
  • A watering system with a double pipe in stainless steel, adjustable height
  • Main water pipe diam. 40 mm
  • Recoil unit with pulleys
  • End switch on both greenhouse and walls
  • Manual Valves for left and right irrigation
  • Extra nozzles on sides
  • Control panel with touch screen display

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