Solutions: Greenhouses.

A new greenhouse covering, patent owned by AGC group. An ultra-thin Fluorupolymere (ETFE) film, with higher light transmission rate compares to all other greenhouse coverings, which improves growth efficiency of all crops. Its’ long-term durability (more than 30 years) contributes to the environment safety and reduce the farmers long-term expenses.


Advantages :
  • Higher light and UV transmission than glass, polyethylene or polycarbonate
  • A full spectrum of solar light passes into the growing area
  • Lasts 25 years without showing signs of deterioration
  • More light transmitted during low sunlight periods
  • Low surface tension lets the rain wash away dirt
  • Snow and ice slide off easily, allowing in more light
  • Reduced cleaning and maintenance time and costs
  • The anti-drip coating prevents condensation; drip damage can’t occur.

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