Coral Solar

Solutions: Greenhouses.

Azrom and SunBoost collaborate to bring the Coral Solar; a top-quality greenhouse and efficient photovoltaic solar system that combines the best of both worlds; greenhouse agriculture, with added profit from the revolutionary solar photovoltaic system on top of the greenhouse. In other words: profit under and above the greenhouse roof.

The Coral Solar greenhouse was specially designed by Azrom according to the SunBoost system requirements to direct sunlight into the greenhouse when required by the crops and to the photovoltaic (PV) system when sunlight is in excess. The Coral Solar Azrom’s Greenhouse combines specially positioned high-efficiency PV panels and priority optical Booster panels that enable smart directing of sunlight.

Azrom and SunBoost have just recently completed a field experiment in collaboration with the Central and Northern Arava R&D, in the south region of Israel. Two crop cycles; bell peppers and cucumbers, were grown under the PV integrated roof and as reference under a “no PV” roof. In both crop cycles, yields were similar. Annual Electricity production capacity of the PV system is expected to reach 260 to 350 KWh per hectare. for example, a farmer in Hazeva near our demonstration site is expected to earn from the electricity more that 29,000 $US per year per hectare. The produced electricity can either be sold to the electric utility or used for greenhouse operation (instead of paying for electricity).

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