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Climate, dehumidification & air purifying control system

Agam’s dehumidifiers circulate the indoor air through special hygroscopic brine. The hygroscopic material extracts the humidity from the air and in addition captures a vast of air-borne pathogens such as Fungi spores. The AGAM units have two modes that enables to either reduce or increase the air temperature . Thus, the AGAM dehumidifiers contribute to the climate control inside the greenhouse but also to the phyto-sanitation.

VLHC advantages:
  • Large energy savings / $ savings
  • Reduction of crop loss
  • Significant reduction in agrochemicals use
  • Purification & air filtration – removal of airborne spores
  • Greater control over Relative Humidity & Temperature – less humidity related diseases, such as Botrytis & Powdery Mildew
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions and CO2 enrichment – avoid emissions penalties

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