The technologies helping move agriculture indoors

Grain crops will always need large fields. But tomatoes, leafy greens, peppers, and strawberries are some of the many fruits and veggies that thrive indoors under precisely controlled conditions. Though it costs more to raise produce in greenhouses or urban “farm factories,” the payoff is higher yield, quality and market value. The plants can grow […]

China: First roses planted in new 16 ha greenhouse in Shandong

Five months after kick-off, the first roses have just been planted in a new greenhouse that is currently being built by Israeli greenhouse supplier Azrom in the province of Shandong in China. The first 2.5 ha of the 16 ha greenhouse are planted and the rest of the greenhouse is planned to be finished by […]

Retrofitting an old vegetable glasshouse to an F-Clean cannabis facility

Starting new projects can be quite expensive and can take some time to set up. Especially in a fast growing market like cannabis production, quickly getting your facility ready for production can make or break your position in the market. Azrom found a quick solution for a cannabis grower in Portugal, by retrofitting a 20 […]

“We’re applying medical standards to growing”

After realizing many greenhouses for the food and floral growers, Israeli company Azrom has been involved in various cannabis greenhouses. In the south of Israel, a 1-hectare greenhouse is currently being constructed that will supply the Israeli market with medical cannabis and offers the operators opportunities to export. To a full article – Read More… […]

“Our goal is to supply growers only with technique that is of use to them”

It has been sixty years this year since Azrom started its operations in greenhouse building, making it one of the oldest operators from Israel. “Our goal is creating a farm that helps the grower in the long term. The opposite of one size fits all”, Fany Baluka with Azrom laughs. “It’s a matter of learning […]

Growing Vegetables Under an Efficient Energetic Cover

The challenge of Growing Vegetables in Belarus Below minus 30°C. Recently, Azrom has successfully completed the development and delivery of a glass greenhouse project in Belarus.This greenhouse project was initiated by the electric company in Belarus after deciding to construct an agricultural project adjoining the power station in the Vitebsk region and thereby exploit the power […]

New smart PV panel system for greenhouse structures

A new PV solar panel system with specially designed positioning along the gutter, is the result of a collaboration between Azrom and PV solar system designer Sunboost. The “Coral Solar” greenhouse was specially designed by Azrom according to the SunBoost system requirements to direct sunlight into the greenhouse when required by the crops and to […]

New vegetable nursery opens in Belarus

This week a completely new modern greenhouse project was commissioned in the northern Vitebsk region of Belarus. Situated in close proximity to the border with Russia, the 4.5 hectare vegetable greenhouse will soon be harvesting a large amount of greenhouse produce for shipment to both local and export markets. To the full article – Read […]

Azrom introduces Remote Consultation Center

Thanks to WeChat, you can run a profitable greenhouse without any knowledge Building a sophisticated greenhouse project with the latest technology advancements is one thing. But in order to grow a quality yielding crop inside and turn it into a profitable business-model requires a lot more knowledge, dedication and experience than often anticipated. To the […]