Preparing Structures for Planting

Technology HighlightsNov 19, 2011

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Nitzan Izikson – Azrom Representative in the Arava.

The precise implementation of a number of preliminary operations in the structure (tunnel, greenhouse or net house) prior to the start of the growing season, can prevent conditions that could be detrimental to crops.

Regardless of crops being grown, be they vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, or if they are strawberries, herbs or flowers, it is most important to start the growing season in the best possible fashion.

It is highly recommended to read and apply the following preparatory tips:

  • Carefully examine the entire structure, lengthwise and widthwise, to verify that the following are intact: cables, bolts, poles, fasteners and accessories.
  • Any damaged or worn equipment should be repaired or replaced. Don’t take unnecessary or avoidable risks.
  • Verify that the accessories used for the greenhouse coverings, such as locking profiles, spring locks and clips, are intact. Order missing parts prior to the start of the growing season in order to avoid damage at a later stage.
  • Order polyethylene film coverings and insect proof netting for your stock supply in case of an emergency. Having supplies on hand ensures immediate care of damages due to mishaps or extreme weather conditions.
  • Operate the greenhouse supplementary systems: thermal screen, shade screen, irrigation system, fertigation system, cooling system, electric curtains, pumps, sulfur dispensers, entry gates and other automated systems to ensure that they are in proper working condition. The early detection of faulty parts and/or problematic systems is of utmost importance, prior to the start of the growing season.
  • It is highly recommended to receive assistance from professionals and from those with experience in agricultural projects prior to planting crops. It is also a good idea to invite them to visit your facilities. The advice of a professional can save a great amount of time and effort in preparing your structure for planting. You can always count on Azrom experts for professional help.

Azrom is currently one of the world’s leading companies for the production of greenhouses.

Every project, anywhere in the world, receives the proper, individual consideration, combining: local characteristics, design and planning, agronomic consultation, examination of growing conditions, construction and the planning of supplementary units and systems, including electricity, water, heating, trellising, climate control and fertilization. Only an overall, comprehensive solution, be it simple or complex, is the perfect response.

The company’s quality control policy focuses on the supply of qualitative products for long term client use under difficult and challenging field conditions.

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