Innovation has distinguished Azrom from our competition for the last 59 years. Our in-depth understanding of our customer’s needs and ability to think outside of the box to find creative solutions has allowed us to develop new innovations that propelled the agriculture industry forward through increased yields and profits

Our Innovative Systems


Azrom’s water sterilization and recycling system is revolutionary. According to our customers, it is “the best cost effective and technological solution for the recycling of drain and irrigation water in greenhouses.” The water sterilization and recycling system is safe, with easy plug-and-play operation, is compact and fully automated, provides tremendous cost savings on water and fertilizers, and drastically improves the quality of irrigation water

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We designed the 1000 L Fertilizer Tanks with a Mixer option using high quality stainless steel and gear motors. The low surface tension creates maximum sanitation on the antibacterial components.

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As part of Azrom”Eco Clima” philosophy, we proud to present our customer the most advanced greenhouse cover there is in the market. More transparent, better light diffuse and long-term durability makes it the best investment

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Full Automation

Today's greenhouses are no longer the simple structure & covers like it used to be. The rise in manpower costs in many countries, along with advancements of technologies, has opened the possibility for our industry to optimize and refine this tool to get much higher yields. Today we know how to turn the interior of the greenhouse into a detached climate zone from what is happening outside of it. All thanks to advanced systems that are synchronized with automation processes.

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Other equipment

Other equipment includes are electricity systems, exhaust fans, air blowers, heating systems, humid pads, and irrigation and fertigation. Our experts developed a synergistic relationship between our innovative equipment, your crops, your location, and the greenhouses to maximize growth.

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Expert Project Review

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