Agronomical Support

At Azrom we believe that it’s not enough to design a state-of-the-art project. We want to make sure that the project helps you scale your yields. For this, we have developed an important service that supports you from stage one through to project fruition. Azrom Agronomical Support starts from the planning stage of the project and if you wish, our agronomist can support you long after we have submitted the key for you to start growing.

What we Offer

At Azrom we like to share our knowhow and expertise, and we stick around to make sure our customers see the results they were looking for – or better! Azrom provides expert agronomic support, from help with choosing the right seeds, to developing the optimal protocols for irrigation and fertilization. We always make ourselves available for online consultations or onsite visits, and are eager to see your crops grow and thrive. Azrom's Remote Consultation Center (RCC) is an innovative tool for ensuring success. We use technology to our advantage to provide full-service support no matter your location. Our agronomists receive daily reports from customers’ greenhouses on climate, plant nutrition, and status. This enables quick response and optimal operating decisions. Local managers are supported through the critical stages of growth, ultimately achieving competence in the management of their plants, growth and environment. We offer production, irrigation and fertilization protocols for all types of produce and any weather. Reach out to one of our specialists to learn more about the creative agri-solutions available to you.

Expert Project Review

Want to learn what is the most effective approach for your project? Schedule a cost benefit demonstration call with Azrom's expert.

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