The everchanging reality in which the farmers of the 21st century cope poses new challenges every day. Climate changes, geo-political changes and changes in the consumption habits force the farmers to invent themselves from time to time. So is AZROM, keeps on changing all the time to be able to provide the farmers around the world, the best solutions that optimally fits the actual and everchanging requirements.


Turn Key Solution

Turnkey projects means partnering with our customers from plan to profit Read More

Green Houses

We have developed an array of different greenhouse types, and can help you choose the one that will fulfill your business needs Read More

Agronomical Support

Our experts are just a click away and are always available for problem solving. Expert growers are on-site for periodic visits Read More


Science and technology transform the impossible into reality. We are on the cutting edge of research and design in the agriculture industry Read More

System and Equipment

Our systems are versatile with advanced technology that takes the guesswork out of greenhouse production Read More


Expert Project Review

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