Medical Cannabis


Customized for Your Industry

The field of medical cannabis is growing across the globe. It's a challenging crop and requires a more sensitive growing system than many other crops grown. Our agronomist has 10-years of experience with medical cannabis and can guide your project from conceptual idea to harvest, while also providing a flow chart of the process and extra support when needed.


Innovative Solutions

Climatic conditions required for cannabis are different than other greenhouse plants. Azrom's innovative technology integrates humidity and air circulation to prevent leaf disease and create optimal climate conditions. The climatic location of your business is integrated into the design for your greenhouse.

And More

The "blackout" screen system inside the greenhouse and the combination of coverings types on the greenhouse roof enable accurate control of the light entering the greenhouse at each stage of the plant's growth. Irrigation and fertilization systems designed by our engineers accompany each of our greenhouses to ensure sterile water and precise fertilization of plants. Engineers will design your greenhouse to maximize growing space and create efficient systems for employees.



Expert Project Review

Want to learn what is the most effective approach for your project? Schedule a cost benefit demonstration call with Azrom's expert.

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