Fruits and Vegetables


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The population growth, the increasing demand for healthy nutrition and the increasing desire for fresh foods have increased the demand for fruits and vegetables worldwide. The Corona crisis that “blocked” the global transport systems, emphasized the importance of the ability to grow vegetables and fruits not far away from the target markets. This increased the demand for greenhouses that increase the ability of farmers to grow vegetables and fruits in a variety of areas and climate conditions.


Innovative Solutions

Our greenhouses enable the use of a variety of systems to create a variety of conditions inside the greenhouse.  In hot and arid areas, the most common demand is for lower indoor temperatures compares to the outdoor temperatures. The requires the use of colling and ventilation systems. In cold areas, the greenhouse and the surrounding systems are required to maintain higher indoor temperatures compares to the environment, and to keep the heat inside the greenhouse.

And More

After finding the optimal solutions to maintain the desired conditions inside the greenhouse, we in Azrom are obliged to adjust the solutions to the budget of the specific project. Our plan must consider the agrotechnical constraints as well as the financial restrictions.



Expert Project Review

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