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One of the differences between greenhouse-grown crops and open field production is the ability to trellis crops.  The most common method for trellising vegetables is the Dutch Trellis, which is based on the principle of distributing the weight of the crops evenly throughout the structure.
The greenhouse is reinforced to meet trellising needs by strengthening the gable fronts with a trellis beam extended along the front of the structure and by adding diagonal trellis reinforcements along each span.  Crosswise cables are installed every 4 meters, according to the desired height of the trellised crops, and two lengthwise cables per bed are stretched from the gable front to the opposite end.

The trellising system creates a supporting cable network above the crops, enabling the trellising of crops along these longitudinal cables.
We also provide a variety of accessories and fixtures to complement the trellising system, depending on the type of crop.

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The electricity system is comprised of high-quality components and is supplied as a complete, comprehensive system with all of the accessories required for installation, including:  net canals, fasteners, protected panels, electronic safety switches, and detailed electricity plans.

Recommendation:  In areas with poor electrical infrastructure, it is imperative to provide backup electrical power by means of an emergency generator.


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