Please send me a quote…

Every project company in our industry recognizes the following scenario: A seemingly high-quality lead comes in, the preliminary inquiries are made to examine the seriousness of the potential client and his financial abilities, require and receive a survey map and the process begins: Within a week – 10 days, a beautiful project book includes charts, weather analyzes, illustrations pictures along with an Excel detailed price quote is submitted to the customer, and that’s it. At this point, communication usually ends with the client. He goes down to the bottom line and sees how much money the project will cost him. Now he has a price quote that he can put into the business plan or a tool for comparison against other offers he has received. But now, how will he decide with whom to sign a deal? With the bidders of the cheapest or most expensive offer? Or perhaps with the one that seemed to him most professional?

Good pricing is only a part of the customer needs

In Azrom we decided long ago that this method is a sure guarantee to lose customers, rather than reaching with them to the completion of their project. In such a complex purchase process, there is a very high customer involvement (this is millions of dollars of investment) and a desire to be 100% confident before choosing a supplier.
The customer needs more than a quick submission of a quote. He needs to feel that he chooses a company that can bring him to the finish line of the project with the best toolbox for him (in the case of Azrom, an advanced greenhouse project accompanied by agronomic support to ensure success in the growth) which will bring him to good business results in the shortest time is possible.

Precise agro-technical planning for each project

At Azrom we believe that the customer has the right to understand more and become an active partner in planning his project. When we say “active partner” what does it mean?? It is not that I propose to the client to plan his own project, but I suggest that he share his doubts, his experience, his knowledge of the project site, the target market he will go to sell his merchandise, and other important information that once he shares it with us in planning meetings, he also learns more about what he buys and why he buys it.
This is an in-depth discussion that ends with the formulation of an agro-technical solution, tailored to the specific customer’s needs and expectations.
The rich agronomic knowledge and experience of 60 years of projects in that number of countries (70 till today) give Azrom a great advantage when planning a new project.
The paper, as we know, absorbs everything written on it, but in Azrom everything that is written is the result of successes and failures from thousands of projects that we planned and built during those years.

Creative solutions tailored to you

So, the next time you call Azrom and ask for a quote for 2, 5, or 20 hectares of greenhouses project, do not be offended if you are politely refused, feel that you are in an investigation and are asked to fill in a detailed questionnaire. This conversation only opens a precise process of studying the conditions and needs in the project.
Is that what you’re looking for right? A professional company that will design a suitable project for YOU. A company that before submitting you a quotation will take in consideration YOUR Climate Zone, the level of solar radiation at YOUR site, YOUR chosen crop, YOUR budget, the annual growth cycles YOU wish to run, the energy costs that YOU going to deal with, the availability and cost of manpower for YOUR farm, and many other variables. This is a process that will ultimately make you confident that you have chosen the right company to run with all the way from beginning to completion of YOUR project.
The quality of our projects is well known in the industry and we differentiate in the market because of it. To reach this level we do not allow ourselves to send generic bids. Moreover, our customers are already expecting more from us…